Irrigation System Maintenance:

When completing irrigation system maintenance, it’s important to go with a company that you can trust. Our professional team of experts at Aquatech Orange Irrigation have the skills and experience necessary to carry out all your irrigation system maintenance needs, even if we did not install your sprinkler system.

  • Mid-Season Adjustments
    Each year the temperatures fluctuate and it can be hard to predict how much rain or sun an area will receive. This is why it’s important to get mid-season adjustments performed your irrigation system so that you can continue to save money on your water bill by only watering when you need to. A mid-season adjustment is also necessary when your landscape changes – you may need more or less water now. A mid-season tune up also allows Aquatech Irrigation to replace old sprinkler heads or update new time clocks, depending on your unique needs.
  • Backflow Prevention Testing
    It is highly important to conduct backflow prevention testing on your sprinkler system periodically in order to prevent contaminated water from the ground from entering your sprinkler system. This can happen when water pressure is reduced, if a pipe bursts or freezes, or even after a change in seasons when the temperature fluctuates.
  • System Opening
    After your sprinkler system has been winterized and shut down for the season, it is important to have it reopened in the spring by professionals. This is recommended because it ensures your system is properly started up again without damaging the irrigation system. System opening includes checking the pressure on the valves, and inspecting sprinkler heads and sprinkler stations.
  • Winterization
    Winters in upstate NY can often be harsh so it’s important to protect your sprinkler system by having it winterized each year. Winterization of your sprinkler system can help prevent damage and repairs that result from the leftover water in the pipes of your system.