Irrigation System Opening

You’ve invested in an irrigation system that keeps your property looking amazing and helps you save money on your water bill. You’ve had it winterized before the weather turned cold but now that warm weather is approaching, you’ll need to think about having a system opening completed before summer arrives.

It’s important to have your sprinkler system opening completed before the weather gets too warm so that you’ll be able to use your system whenever you want. It’s always best to let the professionals take care of the job for you, so that you can avoid inflicting what could amount to very costly damage to your irrigation system. The experts at Aquatech Orange Irrigation can help you with all of your irrigation system needs, including completing your system opening just in time for summer.

What We’ll Do:

  • Ensure each station value is working properly by manually activing all the zones on your property
  • Check that each zone is working exactly how it should be
  • Look for proper operating pressure, proper rotation and adjustment of sprinkler heads and make sure your system is running as effeciently as possible
  • Check, clean and adjust filters on sprinklers that aren’t performing well
  • Reprogram the controller for automatic watering, depending on what your watering needs are
  • Replace the backup controller battery, if needed
  • Clean and service the weather sensor, if needed

A system opening for your irrigation system should be done by a trusted professional and Aquatech has the years of experience you need to get it done right the first time. We know exactly how to use the hydraulics in relation to your sprinkler system layout and the watering requirements you need for you plants and soil type.

We’ll get your sprinkler system ready for spring so that you can look forward to that lush lawn that winter has been hiding from you. Contact us for a free quote on a system opening today!