Sprinkler System Winterization

As upstate NY (Orange County – Florida, Middletown, etc…) begins to experience cold weather, it becomes increasingly important to protect your irrigation systems from winter damage. Proper maintenance of your lawn sprinklers can extend their life and also prevent you from having to make costly repairs.

At Aquatech Orange Irrigation, we have years of experience in the irrigation industry and we know how important it is to winterize your lawn sprinklers.  Unlike pipes in your home that are kept heated with warm water, when the temperatures drops, the water that is left in the walls of the pipes of your sprinkler system can cause them to burst, causing serious damage. Although polyethylene pipe is used in many irrigation systems that are located in New York, this type of flexible pipe is still liable to rupture when water freezes inside of it. When water is frozen in the backflow assembly of the pipes, it can also damage your sprinkler system’s internal components and even crack the brass body.

Irrigation System Winterization Methods

At Aquatech Orange Irrigation we offer several winterization options:

  • The manual drain method
  • the automatic drain method
  • the blow out method

The method we use most often to winterize irrigation systems is the blow out method. The blow out method uses an industrial air compressor to force the remaining water in your system outside of the pipes. Executing a blow-out properly requires the correct equipment, and knowledge of technical information & best practices.

We Winterize All Brands of Irrigation Systems

We winterize all brands.  Even if we did not install your irrigation system, our experts possess the technical expertise to winterize the systems installed by our competitors.

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Sprinkler system damage is unnecessary and avoidable, so call on the professionals at Aquatech Orange Irrigation to help minimize your risk and winterize your lawn system before it’s too late.

If you’d like to winterize your irrigation or sprinkler system, we’d love to help! We’ll even give you a free, no-obligation quote which outlines exactly what needs to be done to fully protect your investment.