Water Dispersal Systems

Many commercial properties that have detention ponds for water runoff are required to disperse that water in a specific amount of time.  Aquatech Orange Irrigation can provide the design and installation services for pumping and dispersing detention pond water.

What is a detention pond?

Detention vs Retention, means to “momentarily withhold something” or “delay an action.” In this case, a detention pond—or dry pond—is an area where excess stormwater is stored or held temporarily and then slowly drains when water levels in the receiving channel recede.

In essence, the water in a detention basin is briefly detained—over a period of 24 hours, for example—until additional room becomes available in the next conduit. These are extensive in the North Eastern PA Area, Allentown, Bethlehem, Nazareth.

Detention ponds come in handy during large storm events, which can contribute a significant volume of runoff moving at an increased speed, raising the potential for erosion and flooding, particularly downstream. When the rain stops, detention ponds will be empty shortly afterward.

All commercial sites need to consider stormwater management when being designed and developed. The traditional way to design for stormwater management is take a big chunk of land on a new site and use it to build a detention pond. The pond is designed to have capacity to detain the runoff from the entire piece of land including impervious buildings or paving. All stormwater runoff is directed to the detention pond in the event of rain to compensate for the developed impervious surfaces, runoff from buildings and pavement.

Detention ponds are expensive to build and to maintain. Base capital costs including engineering and design, geotechnical testing, drainage elements including piping and pumps, filters, excavation and soil removal, concrete work, legal fees, landscaping and architectural elements add up to expensive construction for a hole in the ground. Additionally, detention ponds require long term maintenance to operate properly. Unmaintained ponds become a source of mosquito breeding grounds and toxics in the groundwater as well as aesthetic blights.

Aquatech Orange Irrigation has the experience to design and build your a company a system that will fit your needs.